Thomas J. SanFilippo named in Super Lawyers 2017 list

Thomas J. SanFilippo named in Super Lawyers 2017 list St. Louis, Missouri, June 26, 2017–  Thomas J. SanFilippo,

Drug Possession in Missouri

Missouri has some of the strictest drug possession laws in the country. Because the laws and law enforcement practices

What to Expect for Your First DUI

Without a Lawyer, you will almost certainly be convicted. If the prosecutor has enough evidence against you to


“Why did the police even pull me over? I wasn’t even drunk!”   • Q: WHY FOCUS ON DRUNK DRIVERS?  A: THE


While patrolling the roads and waterways, police are trained to recognize certain behavior and warning cues that

Do You Have an Estate Plan?

Do You Have an Estate Plan? There are many reasons why someone may not have an estate plan. Either they think they’re

Talcum Powder Is Linked to Ovarian Cancer

What is Talcum Powder? Talcum powder is a cosmetic product made from finely ground talc and is one of the most commonly

4 Steps to Follow If You Are in an Accident

14,846 car accidents happen in the United States each day, according to the NHTSA. Statistically, it is almost certain

Starting a Business & the Law

Creating your own company in and of itself is a monumental task. It involves the creativity and execution behind

Can I Make a Claim Against My Employer?

Over the past several years I have often been asked by friends, family and clients, “Can I make a claim

The Bad Used Car Deal

As one of the very few attorneys in the region who handles auto fraud, I often wonder why so many small used car lots