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Accidents happen.  If you’ve suffered a significant injury, it is always advisable to speak with a lawyer immediately, regardless of who caused the accident or who you may think is responsible.  Personal injury claims and insurance laws are intensely complicated.   All insurance companies (yours included) have policies and practices that are purposefully designed to dissuade you from seeking out an attorney to represent you in your claim.  It does not matter to an insurance company how many years you have been paying for the safety net they sold you.  If you or a loved one is injured, it then becomes their job to coerce, persuade, or otherwise convince you to accept as little compensation as possible for your claim, regardless of the physical, financial, and stressful impact of the injury on you and your family.

Some are worse than others.  If you’ve been in an accident, always seek medical attentionimmediately.  Even if you think it’s only a minor injury, it’s always best to get checked out by a medical doctor.  Injuries that may, initially, seem to be minor can lay dormant and later manifest into serious injuries that will leave you with permanent physical limitations or lifelong pain or discomfort.  Don’t be a tough guy.  Insurance companies make billions of dollars off people who choose to take a chance with their health instead of seeing a doctor.  It’s always in your best interest to let a doctor determine the severity of the injury and whether you may be at risk for a long-term problem in your back, neck, joints, etc.

When the body suffers “trauma” from an impact or fall, its soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, cartilage, etc.) is stretched, ripped, strained, or torn.  Much like a visible scar on your skin, when these injuries heal, the tissue is left deformed and contorted.  Such changes in the physical structure of your body will very often begin to cause pain and discomfort that will only get worse as the years progress.

Our firm has years of experience dealing with insurance companies and litigating personal injury cases.  We have the knowledge and experience to maximize the value of insurance claims so our clients are fully compensated.  A severe injury may leave you disabled and unable to work.  You may also require extensive medical care, including surgeries or rehabilitation.  Even the necessary medical treatment for a minor injury will likely require you to miss some work, use sick leave, or vacation time.  These are economic damages for which you are entitled to compensation and can be recovered on your behalf.  It is crucial, for your sake and for that of your loved ones and dependents, that you speak with a qualified attorney.

In some cases, you and your family may suffer significant emotional distress or mental anguish as a result of all the complications, bills, limitations, and life disruption caused by an injury.  Our firm can give you the peace of mind to know that every detail of your claim is well documented, and thoroughly investigated, and ready to proceed to protect your rights and maximize your recovery.

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