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Attorney Referrals

Attorneys who do not specifically focus on injury law frequently refer such cases to our firm should they stumble upon them. Protecting the rights of an injured victim or their family has become far more complicated and expensive than it has ever been. The insurance industry has successfully lobbied our legislators and sealed backroom deals with big healthcare to dramatically increase the costs and overly complicate the fact-finding and record-gathering stage of injury cases. Insurance companies and their army of defense lawyers have worked together with legislators to all but completely diminish the effectiveness and their potential risk that once came from the general practitioner’s demand letter.

Call us to discuss your client’s options, for your benefit and theirs. We know all of the lesser known and, at times, well-hidden statutory grounds to enhance the value of a case that can be deployed at various stages ranging from pre-litigation to trial. We keep up to date on the constantly changing minefield of higher court precedence both to avoid expensive pitfalls that could delay an otherwise valuable case in the appellate courts for years and to create leverage in negotiations during pre-litigation and in successfully litigating contested issues of fact and law common to injury cases. Most importantly, our reputation for our ability to maximize case value for clients is well established and unblemished. We pride ourselves in leaving no stone unturned, no angle unexplored, no leverage undeployed.

Call us to discuss your options.

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