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The Law Firm of Thomas SanFilippo & Associates, LLC does not advertise on billboards and TV.  Instead, our business comes mainly from the word of mouth of satisfied clients who know, from personal experience, that we are truly committed to always providing diligent representation, knowledgeable legal advice, and, without exception, delivering exceptional results.  We’re honored to have received so many stellar reviews from our clients over the years.  Here are just a few examples of what our clients had to say.


“I had a very complex auto accident that involved many insurance obstacles. Both Thomas SanFilippo and his staff went above and beyond to make sure i was EXTREMELY satisfied with the outcome of my service. I highly recommend him to others looking for the same outcomes.” – Auto Accident Client


“Excellent communication and handling of a legal matter that was a great source of stress. Thomas and his team were able to solve the problem and provide an excellent outcome. They answered all of my questions and were very helpful!”


“I was rear ended in a car crash and I wasn’t sure what to do with my injuries and medical bills, etc. Thomas took my case and got me a great settlement. They fought hard for me and I got a great outcome. Highly recommend calling Thomas!” – Auto Accident Client


“I was involved in an auto accident which cause my life to spiral downhill. I was not sure how to handle this type of situation as this was my first accident. I found Thomas through a family member who recommended him. From the very first phone call to Thomas he was more than ready to help me take this on to the fullest and made sure to keep my health first and guided me to get taken care of. He is much more than a superior lawyer, he will listen to your needs and ensure they get met to the best of his abilities. The staff was amazing through it all as well, super friendly and would call just to see how things are going. When it was all said and done I could not be more thankful and honored to have Thomas and his team help me every step of the way. I would recommend Thomas to anyone and everyone and I would use him again in a heartbeat. There may be other lawyers but I promise you there is only one Thomas SanFilippo.” – Auto Accident Client


“If you get hurt, call these guys.  I had a complicated insurance issue in my family and Thomas and his team were able to get MAXIMUM VALUE, got it resolved, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.” – Personal Injury Client


“Thomas has been here for me since day 1. He is the best lawyer I’ve dealt with thus far. He is very accurate and knows exactly what he’s doing. His staff is also awesome everyone is nice and very respectful… I recommend Thomas Sanfilippo and his associates to any and everyone…. Thanks again guys” – Employment Discrimination Client


“Thomas SanFilippo heard my case and listened to my situation. His team offered a fair and reasonable assessment of my case and laid out a plan for resolution. After only a couple months they were able to achieve a reasonable settlement. Communication was easy and fast and they were upfront with all charges and expenses that would be occurred. I highly recommend their services.”  – Contract Dispute Client


“Mr. SanFilippo has been my attorney for many years. He has gone above and beyond for me since the very beginning of our relationship with legal matters as small as traffic violations to bigger items such as personal injury claims from a car wreck I was involved in. He is knowledgeable and informative, always updating me on any case he has worked on for me. While he is very bright and well rehearsed in the legal system, he is wise enough to seek the assistance of a co-counsel in specialty cases. I am recently involved in such a specialty case, and he has brought on another attorney who specializes in the particular field surrounding my case without extra cost to me. My point is, he will go the distance to ensure your case has a positive outcome for you. As a St. Louis native, he is well connected and very comfortable and familiar with the not only St. Louis but also all of Missouri and Illinois. I highly recommend Thomas SanFilippo, without reservation, for any legal issues you may encounter!”  – Auto Accident Client


“Mr. SanFilippo is a fantastic lawyer with much knowledge of many areas of law. He kept me updated on my case, definitely had experience handling similar cases, which was apparent through his ability to articulate my case’s arguments in court (and win), and was always clear and up front about my attorney fees–no hidden costs. Would definitely recommend!”  – DUI Client


“Tom (Thomas SanFilippo) was not only dedicated to my case, but understanding of my situation and the personal effects going through this process was having on me. He was not only a great lawyer in the courtroom but also out of the courtroom–he kept me updated, and responded to every one of my calls, even when there were no new updates. Knowing that my case was in his hands made me feel comfortable and confident, unlike some other attorneys I have hired who have made me feel uneasy about letting them handle my case.”  – Personal Injury Client


“Everyone in the office was very friendly and kept me informed every step through my case. They were trustworthy lawyers who were very knowledgeable on the subject matter and really helped me. I highly recommend contacting Thomas for any of your legal needs.”  – Auto Accident Client


“Tom (Thomas SanFilippo) is not only an extremely intelligent attorney with great experience and a winning record, he also provides the assurance you need to know that you will be taken care of.  Tom was always willing to listen and do anything in his ability to better my situation. Trust is something that can be difficult to find in a successful attorney. With Tom, I knew that I had a competent attorney that I could rely on.”


“Tom (Thomas SanFilippo) is an adept and knowledgeable lawyer whose multitude of skills allows for him to handle a wide variety of cases. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone in need of criminal defense, litigation, DWI or DUIs, personal injury matters, estate planning, medical malpractice, and more.”


“Very nice staff and very accommodating! Thomas is very informative, passionate and knowledgeable about law. He made sure to give updates on my case all the time and was patient and understanding with my frustrations. Even though they were just a few speeding tickets, he still made me feel important as a client. I highly recommend them to everyone in the St. Louis area. “Always Reliable” I can always count on SanFilippo and team for all legal needs!  If I ever get a speeding ticket or need a restraining order, I know who to call.”


“This firm did an amazing job with my case. They made everything extremely easy on my end. After giving them all the information, I only had to sit and wait for the results. The outcome was better than I expected and I would highly recommend them.”

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